Our lovable, petit, golden retriever with a big personality. CaliBay may be small in size but she’s a mighty dog with energy and enthusiasm who loves to watch over her family. Always ready for adventure, going outside to play is part of her routine. Whether it’s running in the field to chase a tumble weed or watching over the horses, she is a curious gal with never ending energy. Sweet and loving, at night she is sure to curl up and cuddle with her family.


Peanut AKA Nutta Butta

A joyful and loving creature who thrives on play and companionship, Peanut had a rough start in life without a family or home. Over time he built trust and learned to play and feel loved by his family. His playful nature is infectious and he loves to run and fetch the ball with his wagging tail and big, bright eyes. Love and a sense of belonging transformed a difficult circumstance into a life filled with joy and happiness. And if you guessed it, “PEANUT BUTTER Cookies” are his FAVORITE Treat!


J Lo

A majestic Quarter Horse born in Colorado who went to Wyoming and worked as a trail ride horse for a guest ranch for many years. As she got older, climbing up the hills and walking the long trails became more challenging. It was time for her to rest and she needed a home. She was brought to us to spend her retired years with a red horse named Dixie. Together they roam the pastures and play tag together. She loves when we brush her beautiful mane and her favorite treats are the “Apple Cookies”.